In Silico Services

ImmunXperts, a Q² Solutions Company, offers access to In Silico tools for immune profiling and lead optimization. In Silico tools are fast, sequence based and low cost, and thus are perfectly suited for assessing large numbers of lead candidates in an early development phase.

These tools can be used for:

  • Epitope Identification: Identify which part of your sequence is at risk for being an epitope.
  • Immunogenicity Risk Assessment: Asses and compare the overall risk of your molecules for inducing Immunogenicity.
  • Deimmunisation (decrease unwanted immunogenicity): Small changes to your molecule’s sequence can lower the risk for immunogenicity, while retaining all functionality.
  • Customized services: ImmunXperts is open to discuss the many possibilities that these In Silico tools offer.

For questions or to request a quotation, please contact us.