Recent advances in the field of Immuno-oncology have shown great promise in the treatment of a wide variety of malignancies. Several strategies involving monoclonal antibodies (or other biologics platforms), cytokines, small molecule compounds or cellular therapies have been applied to modulate the immune system.

Early evaluation and screening of the immunomodulatory effectiveness of candidate therapeutics using In Vitro bioassays is a critical step in the development of novel or combination immunotherapies.

ImmunXperts, a Q² Solutions Company, has extensive experience with In Vitro assays using human primary immune cells which can be implemented in the field of immuno-oncology, for instance:

  • Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction (MLR) Assays
  • Antigen specific T cell activation Assays
  • Macrophage Polarization Assays

In addition, custom assay formats can be developed upon request.

  • MLR_ Proliferation

  • MLR_ Cytokines

An extensive range of readout parameters can be applied in each assay:

  • T cell proliferation via High Throughput Flow Cytometry (CFSE, EdU)
  • Cytokine secretion profile (ELISA, Luminex, ELISpot)
  • Cell Surface marker expression analysis (Flow cytometry)

It is ImmunXperts’ ambition to offer a custom service based on our experience. We can develop assays for you from scratch and continue to offer it as a service or transfer the assays back to you (incl. materials). We can also work with your protocol and help optimize the assay.

For questions or to request a quotation, please contact us.