Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board

World leading experts in Immunology and Immunogenicity are advising ImmunXperts on various subjects.

  • Søren Buus

    Dr. Søren Buus, MD is professor at the Dep Int’l Health, Immunol Microbio, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Dr. Buus started his research in immunology, in particular in antigen processing and presentation, in the early 1980’s as a medical doctor. Creating his own laboratory in Denmark, he initiated a systematic analysis of human MHC class I and II molecules, generating the necessary tools: recombinant MHC class I and II molecules, high-throughput peptide-MHC interaction assays, peptide-MHC binding data, bioinformatics predictors, an iterative bioinformatics-biochemistry process, novel bioinformatics tools handing essential steps in T cell epitope discovery, a large-scale strategy for peptide-MHC tetramer production, and most recently, a high-density peptide microarray technology.
    Dr. Buus is a partner in the NIH sponsored IEDB core project and PI on two consecutive large-scale T cell epitope discovery projects. He also was coordinator/PI of four international European Union (EU) grants, two NIH contracts and partner on international projects (EU, NIH, NSF, Gates).
    Dr. Buus is MD from Aarhus University and Ph.D. from University of Copenhagen. He has over 180 publications in scientific journals and books.


  • Robin Thorpe

    Robin Thorpe PhD, FRCPath, was Head of the Biotherapeutics Group at the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control until October 2013. Recent interests include the unwanted immunogenicity of biologicals, biosimilars, development of improved bioassays for cytokines, the immunology of monoclonal antibodies, cytokine contamination of biological products and cytokine involvement in adverse reactions to biologicals. He is a member of the Biosimilars Working Party of the CHMP/EMEA. He was a member of the Biologicals sub-committee of the CSM and a member of the External Advisory Panel to the CSM. He is a member of the British Pharmacopoeia Commission (MHRA) Expert Advisory Group NOM, the British Pharmacopoeia Panel of Experts on Biological and Biotechnological  Products and chairman of the Working Group on Monoclonal Antibodies of the European Pharmacopoeia. He was a member of the Biologicals & Vaccines Expert Advisory Group of the CHM. He is a biologicals advisor to the WHO INN programme. He is the Chairman of the IUIS Standardisation Subcommittee for chemokines and the standardisation and nomenclature committee of the International Cytokine Society. He has over 240 publications, is an associate editor for Cytokine, Biotherapeutics section editor for Biologicals, Deputy Editor-in –Chief for GaBi Journal and editorial board member of the Journal of Immunological Methods & Current Analytical Chemistry.

  • Huub Schellekens

    Dr. Huub Schellekens is professor of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. He teaches Medical Biotechnology at the Department of Innovation Studies and has a research position at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the same university. He is a member of the Dutch Medicine Evaluation Board and National Expert of the European Medicine Agency and also a member of the Board of the European Immunogenicity Platform.
    Dr. Schellekens has published more than 300 papers in peer reviewed international journals concerning many aspects of the development of therapeutic proteins. During recent years his work has included the immunogenicity of protein drugs and the problems related to biosimilars.

  • Michael Tovey

    Michael G. Tovey, Ph.D, is INSERM Director of Research, Laboratory of Biotechnology and Applied Pharmacology, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Cachan, France, author of 250 + articles, member of numerous scientific boards, Chair of the International Cytokines Standards Committee, Chair Coral Gables Symposia, French representative ICIS International Council, member ICIS Meetings Committee, European Adjuvant Advisory Committee, Editor-in-Chief of Detection and Quantification of Antibodies to Biopharmaceuticals, Associate Editor, Journal of Interferon and Cytokine Research, Associate Editor of Cytokine, Associate Editor World Scientific Journal, and a member of the editorial boards of numerous journals.